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Cork Insulation Boards: High Quality from Germany

Insulation boards

VersaCork industrial cork boards do not have straight, fine edges. It is a coarse industrial product. Are you looking for flexible panels with soft edges? These can be found under the category PU plates.

VersaCork Cork Insulation boards: 100% natural.

Cork bound in suberine resin, ideal for building insulation and more With this natural sheet insulation different thicknesses you get a natural alternative to chemical fabrics such as Styropor etc. Different strengths available, please choose. Not suitable for pinboards, please click on our PU bound plates. Large quantities For large quantities, please call us at 015234501244


VersaCork Cork slabs for slab insulation: 100% natural

Natural cork bound in suberin resin

With this natural panel insulation of different thicknesses you get a natural alternative to chemical building materials like Styrofoam and similar fabrics. We would like to point out that the cork panels are not suitable as pin boards, please visit the corresponding category.

Material description Insulating cork Cork slabs

100% natural and environmentally friendly, made of cork bark
Bonding with natural glue, based on suberin (tree resin)
Contains no pollutants, solvent-free, certified VOC-free, formaldehyde-free
Flame retardant, fire class B3
For use on walls, ceilings, under screed, under floor coverings,
in the roof on the floor or in the pitched roof
Sound insulation: absorbs impact sound and airborne sound
Thermal insulation and high thermal inertia: saving heating costs
in the rooms in winter and temperature compensation throughout the year
Rigid, robust, anti-static and anti-allergenic. Extremely durable, resistant to large temperature fluctuations, frost, rodents, insects.
Non-degradable, regulates the humidity, also applicable in the bathroom.
Attention: Industrial cork, dimensional tolerances possible, unclean edges possible, can be regrind without problems.

Surface treatments for insulating cork slabs:

The cork sheets can be treated with our special grout.
This makes the flooring suitable for bonding even in the bathroom and outdoors
For example, the material can be fully glued, grooved, sanded and then finished with lacquer or oil like industrial parquet.
Whether in the bathroom, log cabin, allotment, conservatory, stairs, workshop room, garage or on the covered balcony.
This cork flooring can be used in many areas.
An exact installation instructions are available with the order on request, our application professionals will be happy to advise you.

Applications for cork boards

Dry screed, underlayment and under chipboard, OSB boards, etc.
Also suitable for full-surface bonding under parquet, planks, laminate, vinyl and other floor coverings.
Shipbuilding, boatbuilding, outdoor surfaces
Underlayment under parquet, vinyl, laminate and other floor coverings, also suitable for full-surface bonding.
External insulation, interior insulation of walls, floors and roofs
Flooring with low stress, after surface treatment
Soundproof walls, screens, secure your garden from unwanted glances and noise with natural materials.
Does not decay, thus optimally for outdoor use
Cork is antistatic, so cork boards are very well suited for model making, pay special attention to our multi-purpose cork boards.

ordering Information

If you are not sure which plates are right for you, please contact our application engineering.

bulk orders

Our prices are advertised in the individual articles, graduated prices allow you cheaper prices for large decreases. If you would like to order considerably larger quantities or have found a cheaper offer, you can contact us for an individual offer.

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