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Cork Granules for pets and more
Our high-quality...

Cork Granules

Our high-quality cork granules consist of 100% crushed bark of the cork oak. Of the Portuguese cork farmers, cork granules are suitable for many different applications.
We have the material for every application!
  • Ground floor for reptiles and other animals, ideal for terrariums in connection with our terrarium documents of cork.
  • Granulate for model building (railway etc.)
  • cork is antistatic and so well suited Insulation insulation / bulk material insulation (please consult our application technology)
cork granulate is the Alternative for partially highly toxic and carcinogenic rubber granules in artificial grass. We offer large-scale cork granules at extremely low prices Contact us!


Cork granules for fillings

Attention: The following description was translated automatically - no guarantee for correctness. Please consider the German description for further information or contact us!

Intermediate rafters insulation
Soundproofing under floor boards
Terarium cork granules
Plants cold protection
and much more
Important NOTE
The properties vary depending on the exact type of granulate used and are therefore to be regarded as rough guide values ??or examples. Please contact us for details, which we can only give you, if we know your project and therefore know what you need. Let us advise you competently and free of charge!

Building physics properties
Density: approx. 220 kg / cbm (0.5 - 2mm special item)
Thermal conductivity: 0.046 W / mK
Flammability: B2
Water vapor diffusion: approx. ? = 2 - 8

Cork granules are available in different grain sizes and qualities, whereby the different materials are suitable for different purposes. Therefore, you should always seek the advice of experts like us before you order or process the material.

Other grain sizes, depending on the floor height of the artificial turf possible. Let us advise you first.
We are happy to give you our references of the last 5 years.

Cork granules are a healthy alternative to conventional rubber granules infill for artificial turf. Reports of carcinogenic rubber deposits are piling up. Replace your filling now!


Cork granules as an alternative to rubber granulate.
application areas
• Professional clubs
• Amateur clubs
• Combo fields
• small play fields
• School sports facilities
• Hockey fields

Versacork granulate is a pure natural product without any artificial additives and free from any pollutants.
The unique cell structure of over 40 million air cells per cm³ gives Versacork granules its outstanding properties.

The great flexibility of the cell membranes makes the cork compressible and elastic, or gives it the ability to regain its original shape after compression.

They allow a perfect adaptation of the cork to the neck of the bottle. When the cork is subjected to strong pressure, the gas contained in the cells is compressed so that their volume decreases sharply, and as the pressure ceases, the cork immediately regains its original volume without its shape having changed permanently.

Versakork granulate is obtained without much energy and brings by itself already all important properties. It is a renewable resource with a unique life cycle assessment.
Versacork granules are resistant to rot and do not decompose. Therefore, it is also almost indefinitely durable.The bedding can be used completely and without loss of quality again, without waste or leftovers.
There are also no environmental damage from flooding, such as at Gummieinstreu.

playing comfort
The energy return in a playing field filled with Versacork granulate is almost identical to the results of a natural grass pitch. The gaming behavior is extremely natural.
Its elasticity also contributes to a significant reduction in the risk of injury and to relieve joints and bones.
Versacork granules have a low thermal conductivity. As a result, the playing field heats up to 30% less when exposed to sunlight than a field filled with rubber granules.
It does not smell at high temperatures nor in contrast to rubber granulate.
Versacork granules are water repellent and therefore no breeding ground for any kind of germs and other organisms.

Versacork granules are also cheaper to buy and maintain than EPDM rubber granulates.

Further information and information for bulk buyers such as sports equipment manufacturers
For artificial turf systems, the amount of infill granules is an important component: too little material can have a negative effect on, among other things, the good sliding behavior, the low risk of injury and the uniform rolling and jumping behavior of the ball - filling in too much material also causes avoidable additional costs. "That's why we advise builders, planners and architects"
"Crucial for the filling level, however, is not only the kilogram per square meter, but also the bulk density of the granules - this is a decisive factor for the required amount of material in an artificial turf system"
"The bulk density of a granule is the weight of granules poured per volume. The lower the bulk density, the bulkier the material and the fewer kilograms per square meter needed to reach the desired level. In addition to the bulk density, the exact filling level is also dependent on other factors that can not be calculated, such as the tufting, the artificial grass fiber and the introduction of the infill granules.
But this can be based on our experience with different artificial turf

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