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Cork Sheets: Eco Insulation and Memoboards

Cork Sheets

Please choose between solid insulation cork sheets and flexible / soft Memoboard cork sheets.


Buy cork plates online at the professional


No matter if you are looking for industrial cork, cork or corkboard: there are big differences. We only buy material that we know to be of high quality and satisfies our customers. In contrast to cork slabs from the hardware store you will find a wide selection of specialists - and we deliver to your home! We are happy to advise you in detail and without obligation.
That's what makes each of our cork sheets

Whether you want to use our cork slabs as wall cladding or flooring, for model making or in animal enclosures - these qualities convince.

Made of naturally renewing materials (cork bark is peeled only, FSC on request).
100% recyclable
Thermal isolation
Acoustic isolation
Good dimensional stability
Does not emit toxic gases when burned
compression Resistant

More information about cork boards

Our corkboards have different characteristics depending on the type, so we have written more detailed information in each category. To do this, please visit one of the categories above.
We deliver what you need, how you need it

We carry many different cork boards - and have a lot more in the bag. If all else fails, we can also produce individually for wholesalers.
We want to sell you not just something, but the right thing.
We are professionals.

Small to medium orders we deliver quickly via DHL. Large orders will be shipped after consultation with you via a forwarding company.


Insulation boards

Insulation boards

VersaCork industrial cork boards do not have straight, fine...

Memo Boards

Memo Boards

Cork pinboards for private and commercial use. We offer here...

Multipurpose Cork Plates

Multipurpose Cork Plates

Cork multi-purpose boards are also called pressed cork boards....

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