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Multipurpose Cork Plates: High Quality, Low Prices

Multipurpose Cork Plates

Cork multi-purpose boards are also called pressed cork boards. Technical data see below.


Cork boards 100 x 50 cm, thickness 2 - 10 mm, flexible

Our cork boards have a high quality and excellent load stability. We offer different thicknesses.
Of course you can also use the product as pinboard cork.


You can use our inexpensive plates in numerous areas.

Impact sound absorbing underlay under parquet floors as well as under laminate flooring
As pinboard boards for gluing or nailed mounting even on larger surfaces (classrooms etc.)
Cork always has heat-insulating properties.
The plates are therefore also suitable very well as so-called "wall-under-wallpaper" thus for the insulating gluing under the normal wallpaper.
The room sound is also reduced considerably!
Due to antistatic properties it can be used well in model making
Also a creation with our special joint compound, as with stone tiles, is possible.
System information for application
You can easily glue the product with a cork contact adhesive. You can find the right adhesive here in our shop!

Information for schools and public institutions

If you are looking for cork boards for a school or other public institution, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can also order on account.

Technical data

Thermal resistance:
0,115 m²K/W at 5mm thickness
0,230 m²K/W at 10mm thickness
Further data:
density:approx. 200 to 240kg/m³
Fire protection class: B2 according to DIN 4102
Dimensional stability: dimensionally stable; does not shrink or swell
Untreated surfaces, differences in brightness and structure are evidence of a natural product.
Untreated cork bleaches when exposed to sunlight.
For larger quantities, please ask for an offer in advance.
We can also provide you with tender texts and detailed installation instructions depending on the circumstances. It is important to know the exact conditions on site, so that the suitable accessories such as glue, grout, varnish, oil, plaster, reinforcement fabric, etc. are available.

Is your bed on an outside wall? With the help of the cork plate you can protect the unpleasant, cold surface simply, naturally and permanently.
The cork panels can also be sanded and coloured before or after assembly.

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