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Our partner in production and dispatch: Lebenshilfe Lörrach e.V. We not only offer ecological products, but also work in a socially and environmentally compatible way.

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We have more than 500 different floor and wall coverings made of cork - some of them from our own production in workshops for people with disabilities.

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Cork Carpet

Cork Carpet is a modern High-Tech-Carpet with awesome attributes.


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            Korkfertigparkett in verschiedenen Designs

Korkfertigparkett in verschiedenen Designs

Wahre Perfektion und Harmonie sind nur in der Natur zu finden. Sie überrascht uns immer wieder...

Jetzt nur 67.64 €*

* inkl. MwSt. zzgl. Versand.41,75 € per 1 m2

            1A Rollenkork 2, 4, 8 und 10 mm

1A Rollenkork 2, 4, 8 und 10 mm

Hochwertiger Rollenkork in verschiedenen Stärken (hier 4mm) , optimale Unterlage

Jetzt nur 69 €*

* inkl. MwSt. zzgl. Versand.4,60 € per 1 m2

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16.12.2020 15:45 | Comment 1
Bevor Sie uns anrufen : Bitte beachten Sie diese Hinweise Sehr geehrte Kundin, sehr geehrter Kunde, die Corona-Krise hat auch uns massiv getroffen. Wir tun alles, um dem gewaltigen more ...

The Cork Pros: About us


We are one of the most experienced companies in the field of cork trading in Germany and base our expertise on many years of experience. We import numerous cork materials, such as cork construction materials, cork boards and cork materials. At the same time, we also develop and produce many of our own cork innovations. This includes in particular cork mosaic, a special cork floor. We sell a lot of cork products through this shop - but not all. If you do not find what you are looking for, it's worth calling. In general, if you have any questions, call our experts - we are happy to help!
Phone: +49 171 6851405

About Cork


Cork is actually a biological term that refers to the cell layer between epidermis and cortex. When we speak of cork, we mean the bark of cork oak & or to use the correct terminology: Quercus suber L.. In Europe, the cork oak is particularly at home in Portugal, where the vast forests provide a home for countless animals. The cork oak is not damaged during painting, it is a natural process. Cork is sufficiently available and seeks customers & ndash; because more and more manufacturers rely on worse, cheap plastic closures for bottles. Cork is one of the most ecological and sensible materials in the world!
Who buys cork is doing itself and the world something good!

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