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Cork Mosaic: Flooring warm and healthy!

Cork Mosaic Products

What is cork mosaic?

Cork mosaic is a modern and versatile cork floor. In contrast to conventional adhesive cork or cork parquet, cork mosaic offers versatile application and design possibilities. Laying mosaic tiles is easy, even for laymen. Cork mosaic offers great properties, especially where skin should hit the floor directly.

Korkmosaik Ökotest Sehr gut

Ökotest hat Korkmosaik getestet und mit der Note "sehr gut" versehen (Ausgabe 7/2004).


What is cork mosaic?

Cork mosaic consists of solid pieces of cork, which are produced during the production of bottle corks. The valuable heart of the bark is thus used without great energy expenditure.
One square meter of the cork mosaic consists of about 1400 cork chips, which are 6 millimeters thick in the standard version.
You can design the cork mosaic before or after laying according to your wishes. Cork mosaic can be laid quickly and easily and offers ingenious advantages over other materials!
You can use cork mosaic indoors, outdoors and in damp areas.
In contrast to many conventional cork coverings, cork mosaic consists of 100% genuine and solid natural cork and not of pressed cork mixed with glue.

Cork is... :

  • ... elastic and thus protects joints and body
  • ... elastic and thus protects joints and body
  • ... breathable and antistatic: improves the room climate and prevents fogged up mirrors etc.
  • ... anti-slip: increased safety especially in damp areas
  • ... easy to clean and durable. Handmade "Made In Germany".
  • ...easy to process, even without tools


Single Sheets

Single Sheets

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Sets including equipment

Sets including equipment

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