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Cork Carpet: Corkoleum

Cork Carpet


Natural material


Gentle and quiet

Pleasant touch

Warm, velvety feel

Sound absorbing

Insulates the footfall sound

Thermal insulation

Reduces heating costs


Suitable for allergy sufferers

Water repellent

Rejects dirt and liquids


Corkoleum- the new cork carpet.
Footwarm, pleasant, naturally beautiful and easy to lay. Our cork carpet Corkoleum is the floor covering for pleasant living. Excellent also in rental apartments.

Corkoleum cork carpet offers excellent properties.

On soft paws: Corkoleum has an impact-sound-absorbing effect.
Comfortable: Cork carpet feels very good on the bare skin and also reflects the body heat, resulting in a unique feel.
Allergy sufferers will love this rug: Cork rug is hypoallergenic.
Water repellent: Cork has a natural nanostructure and repels water and dirt.
The product is robust and extremely resistant to abrasion.
Other advantages
Corkoleum also offers considerable advantages over other basket floor coverings. In particular, the material is easy and quick to install. The low construction height of about 4mm makes the product versatile, even on existing old coverings. In this respect, the product is exceptionally well suited for renovations.
We can offer you cork carpet in many different modern designs (pictures on request).

Installation instructions for professionals and laymen
The laying of Corkoleum is not difficult and also for laymen to realize. Upon request, you will receive a laying instructions based on your substrate and intended use. Our experts will advise you before and after the purchase.
Top quality for a fair price
Despite its outstanding properties, we can offer you Corkoleum depending on the application, etc. already from about 30 € / m². Let us advise you for an individual offer.

Our consulting hotline
 +49 7665 932 55 05
Cork carpet can be obtained according to your wishes in different designs. They are all modern and bright.
Our standard Corkoleum can also be easily retrospectively dyed or even painted with motifs.
We also have cork carpet tiles and many different back coatings in our assortment.

Knowledge & more
As a developer and manufacturer of cork carpet, cork mosaic, cork coating, 3D cork and other special coverings, we have a lot of experience in dealing with all required materials and advise you depending on the load and purpose.

We are pleased to offer you as a supplement also cork floor parquet or adhesive cork.
However, these are products that you can now find in every DIY store - partly as a China import.
We are happy to explain the differences between the individual floor coverings and can also provide you with publishers in your area.

Complete information is no longer available on the internet for everyone.
Since we have been working with cork carpet and cork mosaic for more than 20 years, we have corresponding expertise, which we only want to send to our customers.

So far we have been selling some of our cork products produced in Germany more abroad.
We mainly work with handicapped workshops, from production to shipping.
If you buy from us, you support people with disabilities and the environment.
Disabled people need meaningful employment and not any donations that are usually placed badly.

For further questions we are always at your disposal


Cork carpet repels water and dirt!
What is actually a nightmare for every carpet lover, is no problem for cork carpet: The glass of wine falls on the carpet - a sure spot! Not with cork carpet. Because our cork simply rejects water and dirt with its natural surface - and is still pleasantly warm on the feet. But - see for yourself!


The installation of our cork carpet (laying) is also easy to do by laymen. To give you a rough idea, we have provided you with some information for a sample installation here.
Please contact us before the installation in order to discuss the appropriate procedure!

Laying video example

See a small example of a laying variant.

Made to measure possible

In order to provide the right material, we need a detailed description of your local conditions.

Rented apartment or property
Subfloor? (Tiles, laminate, screed, etc.)
Floor? Construction of the subfloor? (Cement screed, beamed ceiling,)
available height?
Asking price? (For families with small children we like to make extreme special prices)
Stress, purpose? (Children, - sleep, - bath room, office, caravan etc.)

Based on your information, we will then offer you the suitable cork carpet incl. Matching accessories, up to the appropriate care product.

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