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Cork Parquet

Ready-made cork parquet is often also called cork laminate.

Cork parquet is available in many different designs and dimensions. It provides impact sound and thermal insulation. This floor covering can be laid quickly and easily thanks to the glue-free click connection.
The differences in price and quality to DIY products are mostly in the surface treatment and the better click system. Cork floors are still natural, easy-care and hard-wearing floor coverings for almost all areas of the home. The floor is laid quickly, is easy on the joints and has a sound- and heat-insulating effect. Advantages of pre-finished cork parquet: can be installed quickly and floating. Impact sound and heat insulation hardly any underbody preparation in contrast to adhesive cork. fetige surface, immediately loadable. easy dismantling in case of relocation, can partly be re-laid. ( DIY store quality only conditionally ) Disadvantages of cork parquet: 10 - 15mm construction height, therefore doors often have to be shortened. Glue cork and cork carpets are only 3 - 6mm thick.
Joints must be left in the edge area and to adjacent components. Cork carpets and adhesive cork can be laid without joints Please contact us if you are interested.
At the moment we only sell a few of our finished parquets directly via this online shop, because a consultation is really necessary.

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