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Artificial grass cork Infill litter of cork granules 125 L: rubber infill replacement alternative

Item number: VC-KG-KR-125

  • Small amount 125 liters
  • Ecological infill for artificial grass
  • Non-toxic
  • Optimizing thermal properties
  • Durable
  • Optimizes the energy return during sport

Category: Cork Granules

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Cork granules is a natural and healthy alternative to infill of gum granules, often contaminated with toxic substances. Cork has significantly better properties for the players and the space responsible and is not more expensive than the often toxic alternative of rubber.

Cork granules are defamed by some desperate manufacturers of rubber granules. It is said that cork would be moldy or crumbled to dust. Both are nonsensical claims. We would be glad to provide you with detailed information on this subject or send you a small sample for yourself!


It is summer, the football rolls on the artificial lawn and a biting smell of hot rubber is in the air. The first rush to save the ball at the outside line and the leg is torn from the hard rubber granules. Anyone who has already played on artificial grass filled with rubber granules knows its disadvantages. Today there is an alternative, which is natural and does not know all these disadvantages. Infill from renewable cork!


Cork has a unique cell structure that results in a very low thermal conductivity. Our experiences and tests show: Artificial lawns filled with VersaCork Infill heat up in the summer 25-30% less! The difference is instantly noticeable for each player.


Cork does not separate odors and no exhalations. No matter how hot it is in the summer or on the playing field. Energy return The energy return on places filled with our cork is very good and is similar to that of natural grass places. Cork is by nature elastic and hingeless. The risk of injury can be reduced significantly and the play behavior of the course is more natural.


Contrary to some reports from rubber granulate manufacturers, cork naturally does not absorb water. How else should you use it as a cork in wine. As a result, it remains dry and does not give bacteria a chance to grow. Cork is 100% natural - no chemicals, no poison, no oils. This is not only healthier in direct contact: once the place is flooded, and the granulate is washed out, no soil has to be removed, there is no danger of contamination.

Good value

So many benefits surely have your price? Of course, but cork granules usually cost no more than conventional rubber granules. Ask us!
Technical data and versions
We offer various designs and qualities for different types of art. Please call us for technical details and more details. We advise you competently, without obligation and free of charge.
We are one of the leading experts in cork all over Germany! Trust the professionals and our experience over decades.

Cork granules, directly from the manufacturer

125 liters Versacork cork granules as infill for artificial grass, 100% natural cork, without additional ingredients.
Tested quality with regard to suitable screening lines, grain size and bulk density.

Grain size 0.5 - 2mm, density approx. 220kg / m³ + - 10%
weight 125 liters = approx. 25 kg
Other grains, depending on the height of the artificial grass possible. Let us advise you first.
We would like to give you our references of the last 5 years.

Cork granulate is a healthy alternative to conventional granulate infill for artificial grass. The reports of carcinogenic rubber deposits accumulate. Replace your filling now!

Cork granules as an alternative to rubber granules.

  • application areas
  • From? Profivere
  • Amateur clubs 
  • Combined examples 
  • Small playing fields 
  • School sports facilities 
  • Hockeyspielfelder

Versacork granulate is a pure natural product without any artificial additives and free of any harmful substances.
The unique cell structure of more than 40 million air cells per cm³ gives Versacork granulate its outstanding properties.


The great flexibility of the cell membranes makes the cork compressible and elastic, or gives it the opportunity to regain its original shape after compression.

They allow a perfect adaptation of the cork to the bottle neck. When the cork is subjected to strong pressure, the gas contained in the cells is compressed so that its volume is greatly reduced, the pressure drops, the cork immediately returns its original volume, without changing its shape permanently.


Versakork granulate is obtained without great energy expenditure and brings with it already all important characteristics. It is a renewable raw material with a unique ecological balance.
Versacork granulate is resistant to rotting and does not decompose. Therefore, it is also almost indefinitely durable. The litter can be reused completely and without loss of quality, without causing waste or residue.
There are also no environmental damage in case of flooding, eg in the case of rubber litter.

Play comfort

The energy return for a field filled with Versacork granulate is almost identical with the results of a natural grass field. The game behavior is therefore extremely natural.
Its elasticity also contributes to a significant reduction in the risk of injury and the relief of joints and bones.
Versacork granules have low thermal conductivity. As a result, the playing field is heated up to 30% less than a field filled with rubber granules when exposed to the sun.
It also does not smell at high temperatures in contrast to rubber granules.
Versacork granulate is water-repellent and therefore not a breeding ground for any kind of germs and other organisms.


Versacork granulate also proves to be more cost-effective than EPDM rubber granules in terms of purchase and maintenance.

Further information and information for large buyers such as sports equipment builders

In the case of artificial brushing systems, the quantity of the granulate granules is an important component: too little material can negatively influence, among other things, the good sliding behavior, the low risk of injury and the uniform rolling and springing behavior of the ball? Filling in too much material will also lead to avoidable additional costs. "This is why we advise builders, planners and architects"
, but not only the kilograms per square meter, but also the bulk density of the granules is decisive for the filling height, which is a decisive factor for the required quantity of material in an artificial
brush system Granules is the weight of granulated granules per volume, the lower the bulk density, The more voluminous the material is and the less kilograms per square meter are required to reach the desired filling height. In addition to the bulk density, the exact filling height is also dependent on other factors that can not be calculated, such as, for example, the tufting, the artificial grass fiber and the introduction of the granular granulate.
However, our experience with different types of artificial grass can be used for this purpose.

The filler of the future

Chemical composition:

In general, Versacork cork granules have the following composition:

  • 45% suberine (macromolecular resin)
  • 27% wood pulp (lignin)
  • 12% cellulose and polysaccharides
  • 6% Tanin
  • 5% waxes
  • 5% ash and other minerals

Natural cork is an ecological material known from various applications. It is made from the bark of the cork oak (Quercus suber). It is growing in Italy, France and Spain, but mainly in Portugal. Portugal is the world's largest producer and exporter of unprocessed and processed cork products worldwide.

Since cork is used in ever new high-tech applications due to its properties, cork granules are also used today in sports field construction. In particular, the remaining pieces from the cork production are comminuted and used as granules in the form of cork granules as infill in artificial brush systems.

Since the Portuguese economy, and therefore the entire state, is decisively dependent on the production of natural cork, Century first laws, which ensures a sustainable management of the cork oak forests. By using cork oak bark from which corks have already been cut, the cork is 100% recycled.

In the field of sports arenas, cork is an alternative to recycled granules and, in particular, nebuliser granules, since it is an ecological and economic way to dispose of synthetic lawns.

Cork granules are relatively new as infill material for artificial grass. Due to its elastic properties, the absolute weather resistance over decades and the fact that it is a renewable raw material, it is a real alternative to conventional materials. Depending on the requirements, cork granules are available in different weight and elasticity classes.

Technical characteristics

  • From 100% natural and renewable raw material
  • Bulk density: according to requirements
  • Density: according to requirements
  • Color: natural


So far, there are no uniform test requirements for cork as infill. To promote the use of this natural and renewable raw material, we guarantee the properties of the cork we use. Talk to us.


The moisture content has a decisive influence on the elasticity and the microbiological stability of cork.
Therefore, water should not be left to stand for an extended period of time.
The cork itself does not mold, it is the water. Statements from rubber granulate manufacturers are trying to show this in favor of rubber.
A healthy understanding of the people should, however, suffice, since there are even wine bottles in which cork survives over 100 years without mold.
The extremely high demand for cork will soon increase the price.
Depending on the artificial lawn, cork granules are washed away during high water and extreme heat.
In contrast to rubber granules, however , this is not detrimental to the environment .
For vulnerable regions it is recommended to install a simple safety net. As a result, there is hardly any loss, because the cork granules can be easily recycled.

Physical and mechanical properties:


Its content of suberine (complex mixture of fatty acids and heavy organic alcohols) makes the cork fabric impermeable to both liquid
and gases. As a result, the cork remains resistant and is therefore
regarded as one of the best materials for the closure of vessels. Its effectiveness is enhanced by the proportion of tannins and the low proportion of proteins. There are cork pieces that have been lying in the water for many centuries without rotting.

Poor conductivity

Another feature of the cork, which makes it an increasingly popular raw material, is its poor conductivity in terms of thermics, acoustics and vibration. It is due to the fact that the gas is located in tiny, hermetically sealed cavities, which in turn are separated from one another by a non-hygroscopic material of low specific gravity. It follows from this that cork is the best insulating material among all natural materials.

Resistance to wear

Also remarkable is its resistance to wear due to
friction and its high coefficient of friction thanks to the cell structure of the cork surface. The cork has other characteristics: since it does not absorb any dust, it also does not cause any allergies and does not pose any danger to asthmatics; By not changing its consistency, its effectiveness is assured; It is fire-resistant and therefore suitable as a fire-protection material, etc. This variety of positive properties, as well as its poor acoustical and thermal conductivity, make cork an increasingly popular element from nature.

Shipping weight:27,00 Kg
Product weight:25,00 Kg
Contents:125,00 l

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