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Cork plate shielding earth rays cork mat 10mm 94cm x 58cm esotericism

Item number: VC-PW 10 ES

This text has been translated automatically and may contain errors. It does not constitute a legally binding offer. Only the German texts apply.

Cork mat for shielding earth rays and water veinsStrength 10mmDimension 94 x 58cm

Category: Multipurpose Cork Plates

16,00 €
29,36 € per 1 m2

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This text has been translated automatically and may contain errors. It does not constitute a legally binding offer. Only the German texts apply.

Cork board 94x 58cm, thickness 10mm: for damping earth rays and water veins and/or improving the indoor climateCork has ingenious properties due to its cell structure for shielding (damping) harmful wavelengths. However, this cannot be guaranteed, in some cases very good results were measured, but it also happened that no improvement could be measured Try and measure: Whether it really works is best to check through your own practice tests. We often get feedback from buyers who thank us and describe the positive effect to us. Nevertheless, we would like to point out that the cork mats can only dampen the harmful radiation and cannot completely shield it. If you have been diagnosed with really harmful radiation, we strongly recommend changing your sleeping place or, in the worst case, changing your entire apartment. Especially small children are very sensitive to harmful rays and will sleep better by the damping of the cork mats immediately........ ExampleWe have insulated a roof with cork (insulating cork purely expanded). The indoor antenna of the television had so far had best reception, after the new isolation with cork between the beams the television with indoor antenna had no more reception. This proves that cork is able to block different wavelengths. It can also be used to shield against harmful mobile phone radiation and similar invisible pathogens. If I get an SMS and I am on the radio, TV or PC, I know this before the message arrives. What's the matter with you? The wavelength interferes with the frequencies. If I have protection, such as cork in between, the radiation can be shielded Use of cork matsBy attaching a cork mat directly to a wall, e.g. next to the bed, not only the boxes can be kept away. The breathability of the cork mat also ensures a more pleasant room climate. If a PC stands directly against the wall of a children's room or bedroom, harmful rays can also pass through the wall. A cork mat can also help here. Crystals, stones, plants... also have other good effects Cork mats as earth radiation protectionThe fact that earth radiation has a negative effect on health has been known for a long time. The earth is covered by a complex network of energy fields. These fields include water veins, faults and various global grids. Such energy fields can be highly dangerous to the health of the (human) body in the case of prolonged exposure. The sleeping place in particular is an area in which the human being is exposed to the rays without any protection, because here (normally) he is exposed to the rays for hours without interruption and in energetic terms without any protection. Earth radiation in the bedroom is often intensified and supported by interior fittings such as mirrors, metals or electrical appliances. They should always be banned from the bedroom! So the earth rays can enter unhindered into the smallest cell of the body and cause various physical symptoms and diseases. These vary from minor sensory disturbances to serious diseases such as rheumatism, cancer, asthma, ADD, CFS, tinnitus, migraine, depression, cardiovascular diseases or even potency disorders. In order to make the sleeping area safer without much effort, a cork mat has proved its worth, which is placed under the bed or on the grate About corkcork is a natural product and is extracted from the bark of the cork oak. One cubic centimeter of cork consists of 20-100 million fine cells. These have the ability to break earth rays and eliminate them thoroughly. These cork mats cost up to 160 Euros in specialist shops or via so-called geopathologists. Their descriptions are unfortunately not all verifiable, we can only reproduce what has been reported about it so far. On the Internet there is certainly more information about the properties of cork in connection with radiation protection. These cork mats can of course also be used for other purposes. Examples:- insulation underneath teppch,parquet,laminate... - As a base for gymnastic exercises... - As insulation for walls.... - For the production of cork mosaic Everyone who knows cork knows how well the properties of a 10mm thick cork mat can be used. As long as less attention is paid to physics than to chemistry, industry will exploit nature to your financial advantage. I would like to encourage you to question the results of our industrial society. The information policy of well-known institutions, such as Ökotest or Stiftung Warentest, is in many areas guided by the money of large corporations. Information is the food of thoughts and thoughts initiate desired results. It's a good thing that every human being can decide for himself what he thinks. I always wish you happy thoughts additional information: These cork plates will certainly help in most cases. Sometimes, however, there are better and cheaper ways to solve your problems. For this I recommend you for example the knowledge about water and salt. In many cases the humidity in the bedroom or the air is bad... A water nebuliser, preferably with 1% salt, sometimes helps miracles.

Shipping weight: 2,00 Kg
Product weight: 1,70 Kg
Contents: 0,55 m2
Dimensions ( length × width × height ): 94,00 × 58,00 × 1,00 cm

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